HPD Property Registration

Fast and easy property registration done by a professional.

HPD Pre-Inpsection 1-2 FAMILIY

Pre-inspection 1-2 family buildings to assess and prevent further complications with HPD. Highly recommended.

HPD Pre-Inpsection MD

Pre-inspection mutiple dwelling units (Up to 6) to assess and prevent further complications with HPD. Highly recommended.

Controled Inpsections with HPD

Inspection conducted with HPD assisted by our train professionals. (Includes two dates.)

Certified signs required by HPD

(Full package)

AEP Violation Removal

Violation removal for buildings under Alternative Enforcement Program. (Per violation)

HPD Violation Removal

HPD Violation Removal, oversee the removal of all violations on your property. (Per violation)



ECB/OATH Hearing for Class 2 & 3 violations

Train professional will attend your court and provide you peace of mind.

ECB/OATH Hearing for Class 1 violations

Hearing representation conducted by our train professional for Immediately Hazardous violations.

ECB/OATH Hearing for WWP

Hearing representation for Work Without Permit violations. (Highly recommended)

Certificate of Corrections (FDNY, DOB)

Basic service for removing those pesky ECB violations.

Certificate of Corrections CURE

Violation removal service where a zero penalty, no court option is offered.



DOB Violation Removal

Includes controlled inspection with Department of Buildings inspector. 

DOB Boiler Violation Removal

Includes boiler inspection by our master plumber, expediting fees, and oversee the removal of the violations.

Rescind SWO Inspection

Inspection with Buildings Department for the purpose of continuing work under a proper permit.

Rescind VACATE Order

Inspection with Department of Buildings for the purpose of removing vacate order.



DOT Violation Removal

Basic price to remove DOT violations. (Includes one inspection with DOT) (Must have permit or work done by DOT).

DOT Permit for sidewalk repairs

DOT permit by licensed foreman. (No work included)