• Reminder: Low Pressure Boiler inspection must be filed before December 31st, 2021 for commercial and multiple dwellings properties.

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Q: Can I fight a violation?

A: Yes, majority of violations have a hearing scheduled that is usually found on the original summons.

Q: How do the agencies know where to issue violations?

A: Most of the time, an anonymous complaint is made to 311 system.

Q: If I pay a violation, does it go away?

A: No, correcting the violating condition and submitting necessary documentation will remove it.

Q: I just purchased a property, am I liable for the violations on it?

A: Yes, violations are leans that remain on your property that may prevent you from refinancing, reselling, occupying, and pulling permits.

Q: Do I have to give access to the said agencies when they come to inspect?

A: Unless they have a warrant, no.

Q: I missed my hearing, can I reopen it?

A: OATH allows you to reopen within 60 days of the court date, or under special circumstances even longer.

Q: I got a Work Without Permit  violation, am I liable if I didn’t do it?

A: No, but you must first prove that at your OATH hearing provided on the ticket.

Q: Can I ignore a violation?

A: No, violations carry fees that acquire interest, and could recur as failure to comply, hazardous, and aggravated violations.

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