In New York City summons (violations) issued by the city enforcement agencies such as Fire Department, Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Sanitation etc., are arbitrated by ECB – Environmental Control Board, ECB is a division of OATH – Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. ECB summons give you a chance to defend yourself in the court of law. This chance should not be taken lightly, once a ECB summon was issued to you it is advisable to immediately hire a professional to represent your best interest at the hearing

 ECB summons carry Court Penalties, all these fines are pre-set to each violation code and that can be found in OATH/ECB penalty schedule. 

Failing to appear at a OATH/ECB hearing will result into default and you would be liable to maximum penalty for that particular ticket.

One OATH/ECB summon may carry multiple penalties, such as ECB penalty, Daily penalties, Civil penalty and when handled the right way and in timely manner these penalties can be substantially reduced.

OATH/ECB allows some violations to be STIPULATED, meaning you can plead guilty for a lower civil penalty with the condition to correct it in certain time allowed by the court.

OATH/ECB also allows some violations to be MITIGATED, by showing the court good faith and compliance, your penalties may be reduced.

ECB Penalties are lien on your property but there are many ways to reduce and even eliminate these penalties, always consult with a Professional Registered Hearing Representative in New York City if you receive a summon.